Publications from the IRM beamline

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Selected publications by acquisition technique

Selected publications by research field

Dental and saliva samples

Bone sections

Tissue sections

Single cells


Polymeric material


The following are a list of published, peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters that you may find useful, related to IR microscopy.

Use of our microfabricated holder to study living cancer cells

Regarding the implementation of top-up mode 

Applications of our in-house developed “hybrid” macro-ATR accessory

Vibrational spectroscopy reference series. Extensive set of articles.

  • P.R. Griffiths. Handbook of vibrational spectroscopy. John M Chalmers; Wiley InterScience (1942)

Reference article with an extensive list of IR peak positions (from biological tissues)

Good reference article on IR microscopy of living cells

Detailed IR Microscopy book chapter focusing on biological samples, including spectral/imaging processing techniques

  • A. Kohler, M. Zimonja, V. Segtnan, H. Martens. Standard Normal Variate, Multiplicative Signal Correction and Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction Preprocessing in Biospectroscopy; Chapter 2.09 in book B. Walczak, R.T. Ferré, S, Brown (eds), Comprehensive Chemometrics - Chemical and biochemical data analysis, Elsevier. Vol 2, pp 139-162 (2007).

 Mie scattering applied to synchrotron-based IRM

General review article looking at the IR spectroscopy of proteins

Identifies potential issues with the different fixation methods in use for tissue sections

Monitoring the reversible B- to A-like DNA transition 

Tissue acquisition and fixation considerations when dealing with biological tissues

Analysis of living cells as they progress through the cell cycle

Invited review article, explaining sample preparation for use with IRM

Example article

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